Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chelsea (0) - (1) Liverpool

Yes.. Finally boleh gak aku impikan title tahun ni.. hahahaaa...

LFC skrg dah leading 3 point kat EPL selepas menang 1 gol kat Chelsea.. Gol minit ke 10 oleh Xabi Alonso meranapkan sama sekali impian 'BIG PHIL' untuk terus menerajui liga....

(Petikan dr lawan web rasmi LFC...)

"It was my goal.."

"The shot was on its way towards the goal when it was deflected but that happens, that's part of football and you have to cope with these things when they go for you and when they go against you."

"I could have had a second goal as well when the ball hit the post but the main thing is to get the three points."

"It was very important for us because in the last few seasons in the league we have been coming here and we haven't had the best results."

"So we are really pleased to get the result and to take the three points." (Xabi Alonso)

You Will Never Walk Alone...


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